“Sometimes music vibrates beyond the clouds, and we can no longer hear its echo. Very rarely is it truly infinite; then it makes us forget the Earth. The great masters sense that they have one more thing to say, and that life is coming to an end –. But their music stays behind with humanity as a legacy, and we must gratefully preserve this precious gem, and endeavour in the spirit of the musician to grow deeper and deeper into his works and let them worthily arise again.” - K. Stockhausen, August 20th 1948

Composers, interpreters, musicologists, sound projectionists and music lovers worldwide are warmly invited to participate in the twelfth Stockhausen Concerts and Courses which are dedicated to the themes

Space Music
New from the Present (KLANG)
New from the Past (PROZESSION and ZEITMASZE)
and LIGHT-Miniatures

17 concerts will take place over a period of 17 days.

In addition, the Center for Stockhausen Space Music will be continued, in which a new course on how to project Stockhausen’s spatial music is being offered to all musicians who are already sound projectionists, all musicians and music lovers who want to learn more about the art of sound projection, and sound technicians who want to learn how Stockhausen’s sound equipment is installed and adjusted to arrive at the legendary authentic “Stockhausen sound”.

The 17 concerts include – in addition to live performances by musicians who performed with Stockhausen for many years – many works of his electronic music and projection of multi-track recordings of interpreters. Following the dress rehearsals every fore noon, the participants in the sound projectionist course will have the opportunity to practice the works which are being performed both weeks, learn how to arrive at the authentic Stockhausen sound through hours of fine adjustment (aiming, height, filtering) of the loudspeakers, and mixer circuiting. Further, they will be able to participate in the installation of loudspeaker configurations from 4-track to 8-track to the cubical octophonic 8-track on to the pyramidal 20-track set-up for the ELECTRONIC MUSIC with SOUND SCENES of FRIDAY from LIGHT. During rehearsals with interpreters both weeks they will learn how to position microphones for optimal pick-up of instruments and voices, and will be able to practice the sound projection also of works including interpreters. Finally they will learn how to create the proper environment for concentrated listening through lighting and aesthetic environment.

The course will be led by Stockhausen’s long-term sound projection assistants, Kathinka Pasveer and Bryan Wolf, together with Stockhausen’s personal sound engineer Igor Kavulek and other sound projectionists experienced in projecting Stockhausen’s tape music and works with interpreters.

All participants are encouraged to attend the course for sound projection to learn what is involved in performing Stockhausen’s works from the sound technical point of view (microphones, transmitters, quality of equipment, installation of equipment, etc.) and why it is essential to have a qualified sound projectionist at the controls of the mixer.