The archivists from the Stockhausen Foundation for Music recently discovered a Christmas Card from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Stockhausen mailed in 1969.
The webmaster is stuck by the beauty of the amazing painting that Lennon provided for this card. Click below to see both sides of this important archival discovery.

Lennon Christmas Card to Stockhausen (1969) Front

Lennon Christmas Card to Stockhausen (1969) Inside


Stockhausen is the 5th from the left in the back row. Cover ©1967 EMI/Apple Corps

On May 1, 1967 the Beatles contacted Stockhausen through Brian Epstein's NEMS Enterprises to obtain
permission to use his photo on the upcoming Beatles LP "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band".
Click HERE to view letter.

Since Stockhausen was pursuing a busy schedule of teaching and concerts in the USA and Europe, he was
unable to respond immediately to the Beatles' request. Brian Epstein sent a desperate telegram on May 8th
to obtain permission. Time was important since the LP was to go on sale in June 1, 1967.
Click HERE to view telegram.

Original photo of Stockhausen (1964) used by Beatles
on "Sgt. Pepper" LP cover

Paul McCartney claims in several statements that he was the first Beatle to discover Stockhausen's music. Sir Paul
has named GESANG DER JUNGLINGE as his favorite Stockhausen work. McCartney probably introduced the late
John Lennon to Stockhausen's music in mid-1966. Lennon was also greatly influenced by Stockhausen. HYMNEN
was Lennon's inspiration for REVOLUTION #9 on the Beatles' White Album.

Rock musicians such as Frank Zappa, Peter Townshend, Jerry Garcia and Bjork name Stockhausen as a major
influence on their musical lives and work. Jazz musicians like Miles Davis, George Russell, Anthony Braxton
and Charles Mingus have also been Stockhausen admirers.