Alain Louafi (France)

Alain Louafi (France) was born in 1945. Following his studies at the École Normale, where he received a diploma to teach French, he attended MUDRA, a school founded by Maurice Béjart, where he received instruction encompassing dance, theatre, singing and yoga. Since then, he has extended his training by participation in seminars on dance (African dance, Butho), theatre ( in Poland, Grotowsky; in Japan, Nô and Kyogen), martial arts (Aikido, Kendo) and yoga (André van Lysebeth).

Alain Louafi has appeared as soloist in numerous Maurice Béjart performances and has performed in productions by Micha van Hoeck, Caroline Carlson, Jean-Paul Franssens.

He has also participated in many films, such as in the filmEXAMINATION of THURSDAY from LIGHT (WDR, 1990).

Alain Louafi took part in the following staged performances of new music: Voix, Gestes, Silences (1976) by Georges Octors, Futuristie (1977) by Pierre Henry, INORI (since 1974), THURSDAY from LIGHT (since 1979) and MONDAY from LIGHT (since 1988) by Stockhausen.

Starting in 1973, Alain Louafi has staged and realised numerous choreographies, and in addition to this, he has taken part in many other productions as collaborator and chroeographer. He taught acting and other disciplines at MUDRA (Brussels, Dakar), at the INSAS (Brussels), and from 1977–1992 at the Herman Terlinck studio in Antwerp. From 1992, the year Maurice Béjart’s new school RUDRA was founded in Lausanne, until 1997 Alain was the head professor for acting. He is presently professor at the conservatory in Lausanne and since 1997 also at the École de Théâtre de Martigny.