Michael Pattmann - Percussion

Michael Pattmann, born in 1966 in Bochum, Germany, graduated in music (concert examination in percussion) under the supervision of Prof. Martin Schulz, Folkwang-Hochschule, Essen. He continued his studies in the class of chamber music taught by Prof. Péter Eötvös at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Cologne. In addition to his career as soloist, he plays in numerous ensembles such as Ohton Ensemble, Musikfabrik NRW, Ensemble Kontraste, and in performances of dance theatre and music theatre. He continues to develop his experience in improvisation and in electroacoustic music.

Concerts throughout Europe, premières, recordings for radio stations (i.e. WDR, Radio Bremen, DRS 2) and recordings of soundtracks for silent movies, reflect the scope of his extensive creative work.

Since 1996 he has intensively studied the compositions of K. Stockhausen. He has performed KONTAKTE, ZYKLUS, NASENFLÜGELTANZ, SAXOPHON, GRUPPEN several times.

In Kürten his master class for percussionists in 2002 included the following works: KONTAKTE, ZYKLUS, NASENFLÜGELTANZ, REFRAIN.