Faculty - Stockhausen Courses Kürten 2013

Suzanne Stephens (clarinet, basset-horn and bass clarinet),

Kathinka Pasveer (flute, alto flute, piccolo),

Marco Blaauw (trumpet),

Michael Pattmann (percussion)
Percussion at he Courses (.pdf)

Frank Gutschmidt (piano),

Hubert Mayer (tenor)

Antonio Pérez Abellán (synthesizer and piano),

Alain Louafi INORI-gestures.

Lectures, Seminars and Discussions

INORI-gestures (Instructor: Alain Louafi)
Due to the special significance given to the synthesis of music and gesture in Stockhausen’s works, the gestures from the composition INORI (1973–74) are rehearsed in this course.
The course takes place each morning before the master classes and other events of the courses and is open to all interested participants.

Sound projection (Instructors: Kathinka Pasveer and Bryan Wolf, sound projectionists; Ivor Kavulek, sound engineer)
The Center for Stockhausen Space Music offers a course for sound projectionists, sound engineers, musicians and music lovers which conveys information concerning
aspects about the sound equipment and its set-up which must be taken into consideration when performing Stockhausen’s electronic, vocal and instrumental works.
Practical experience in the technical aspects of sound projection takes place in the context of the daily rehearsals and concerts.

Intuitive Music (Instructors: Ensemble für Intuitive Musik Weimar – Michael and Matthias von Hintzenstern, Daniel Hoffmann, Hans Tutschku)
Since 1980, the Ensemble for Intuitive Music Weimar hasdedicated itself to the interpretation of Stockhausen’s intuitive music.
In this seminar it deals with the special demands made on the interpreter by this group of works.

Seminars and open rehearsals
To supplement the concert programs, daily seminars about various individual works or general themes take place, in addition to open rehearsals:
KURZWELLEN with computers (CLSI, Paris)
POLE / SPIRAL (Michael Vetter, Natascha Nikeprelevic)
STRAHLEN (ZKM, Karlsruhe: Holger Stenschke)
Ring modulation in MANTRA and LICHT-BILDER
WOCHENKREIS (Michele Marelli)
“ How to teach Stockhausen?”
Musicological-analytical seminars
(Jerome Kohl, Paul Miller, Imke Misch, Rudolf Frisius)

The language spoken in the courses is English.