Dear colleagues,

Stockhausen was previously accused in the press internationally of cynical comments to the WTC crash, but as can be seen now on, things have cleared up considerably: a NDR colleague to the journalist who started the whole sensation leading to cancellation of Stockhausen-concerts in Hamburg has published an exact transscript of all the words spoken by Stockhausen before the statements about "work of art" which were quoted totally out of context. This transscription confirms that Stockhausen's own account of what he said was indeed true and precise. There is no threat to Stockhausen's summer courses nor to his honorary citizen status in his home town any more, and institutions and press in Britain have been favourable.

Still, German WDR television is hostile, and Mr. Rudolf Heinemann declares, according to Suzanne Stephens, that the boycott of four Stockhausen films planned to be sent soon must be upheld "in the present situation". This appears as a strange statement, as a re-considering of the boycott would much rather be in place.

Please help by forwarding this mail to LOTS AND LOTS of colleagues AND sending mails to the two gentlemen below. Please also remember to be polite - we do not want to harass them but to show our sympathy. You could use the text provided or your own.

Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, Denmark (web:

Mr. Rudolf Heinemann, Director of WDR Fernsehen
Dr. Günther Struve, Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen

Dear Sirs,

In the light of the most recent news about Stockhausen's sayings at the Hamburg Press Conference which is available now, among other things in the form of a transscription by NDR journalist Margareta Zander, to be seen at, I urge you to re-consider your boycott, which strongly seems to have been decided on the basis of incomplete information. In times of political turbulence we need serious art more than ever.

Yours sincerly,