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TEXTE zur MUSIK / TEXTS on MUSIC (in German)
by Karlheinz Stockhausen are no longer available through the DuMont-Buchverlag, but may be ordered directly from the
Stockhausen-Verlag: Kettenberg 15, 51515 Kürten (BRD), Fax 0049-2268-1813.

Volume 1 Essays 1952-1962 about the theory of composing 47,00 DM/$ 36.00
I Stockhausen’s Theories
(272 pages with 18 photos)

Volume 2 Essays 1952-1962 about musical practice 47,00 DM/$ 36.00
II Stockhausen’s works (introductions and analyses)
III About the art of others
IV The current situation
(264 pages with 22 photos)

Volume 3 Texts on Music 1963-1970 49,00 DM/$ 38.00
I Introductions and Projects II Courses
III Broadcasts
IV Points of View
V Notes of Passage
(300 pageswith 65 photos)

Volume 4 Texts on Music 1970-1977 53,00 DM/$ 40.00
I Introductions to the works
II Electronic Music
III World Music
IV Suggestions and Points of View
V About the works of others
(700 pages with 150 photos)

Volumes 5 and 6 Texts on Music 1977-1984 153,00 DM/$ 118.00 (in a box)
Vol. 5 Composition
I Introductions to the works
II Formula Composition
Vol. 6 Interpretation
III Percussion
IV Electronic Music
V Answers about LIGHT
VI Form and Adventure
VII Resistance
(744 pages with 220 photos)

If all 6 volumes ar ordered, the total price is 320,- DM ($ 248) instead of 349,-DM ($ 268),
a savings of 29,- DM ($ 20).

As of October 1998 Stockhausen’s TEXTS on MUSIC, volumes 7 through 10
may be ordered from the Stockhausen-Verlag.
The 4 volumes are hard cover. (ISBN: 3-00-002131-0)

Volume 7

I New information about works before LIGHT
II About LIGHT until MONDAY from LIGHT
(808 pages with 240 photos)










Volume 8

V Electronic Music
(612 pages with 220 photos)










Volume 9

VII Composer and Interpreter
VIII Turn of Time
(760 pages with 250 photos)










Volume 10

IX Astronic Music
X Echos of Echos
(858 pages with 360 photos)

In addition to the photographs, numerous graphics, original sketches and drawings are reproduced.

TEXTE zur MUSIK (TEXTS on MUSIC) 1984-1991 volumes 7 through 10 392,00 DM/$ 261








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